San Diego, CA
LAWSON is part of a team with a local architect and national integrator completing a schematic design for the renovation and expansion of KPBS’s existing building. An expanded newsroom, expanded technical on-air facilities, and a performance theater are a significant portion of the new work.

Washington, DC
WETA reached out to LAWSON to assist with their Washington DC Facility Renovation/Expansion. LAWSON surveyed the existing Production Center and a proposed new location, and is developing a program of spaces to support the projected options of their future production requirements. Studio and control room plans and renderings were developed to assist in the selection process.

Washington, DC
LAWSON is renovating approximately 12,000 square feet of retail space, and 10,000 square feet of office space, into news production space for NBCUniversal’s Washington, DC television broadcast facility. The space includes a broadcast studio, control rooms, equipment room, green room, make-up, generator and UPS. Also incorporated is a reception area, conference room, and lunch room. Unique to this project is the structural work involving the removal of two 1st floor structural columns, which will be replaced with steel girders spanning between adjacent columns.

ESPN ACC Network
Charlotte, NC
LAWSON is simultaneously working on two buildings for ESNP’s ACC Network, in Charlotte, NC.  First is the renovation of portions of the ESPN “U” Building. The second building will be occupied with new offices in the adjacent Frenette Building. The scope of work includes significant redesign of the interior space with all new furniture and finishes.

Washington, DC
LAWSON worked with Fox News Network’s DC management team to develop design for renovation of their existing leased area of 50,000 square feet, to best utilize this existing space to accommodate present/future needs. Lawson is currently designing flexible workspace to accommodate occasional temporary staff expansions during large news events or short term added shows, and maximize the usage of the space. The scope of work includes renovation of the entire lease area including newsroom, studios, and all office space.

Washington, DC
CGTN’s expansion of their current facility, originally designed by LAWSON, is for their growing on-line presence. A new newsroom will include a studio, control room, equipment room and UPS for technical support. Currently their spaces are supported with 24/7 and emergency power/UPS power distribution which will be expanded to support this new work.

Washington, DC
LAWSON is completing a security upgrade of the existing lobby to the building.

Philadelphia, PA
LAWSON is renovating the 3rd floor newsroom, originally designed by LAWSON in 2002.The scope includes all lighting, carpet, and furniture as part of a new studio set position in the newsroom.